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Wooden Wine Box/Case-Sublimation

Wooden Wine Box/Case-Sublimation

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This elegant wine case securely fits most wine bottles and has a removable front cover that can be easily personalized with sublimation, heat transfer printing, or vinyl application. Available in natural wood

Time: 110 seconds • Temperature: 374° F • Pressure: Moderate

Sublimation Process

• Remove the protective film from the hardboard insert.

• Affix the transfer to the insert using heat tape.

• Place sacrificial paper on the heat press bed.

•  Press the insert.

• Remove insert from press & set aside to cool with heavy object on top to ensure the piece remains flat.

Note: Insert will be extremely hot. Use of gloves or a cloth is recommended for removal of finished insert from press.

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Customer Reviews

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Sublimates well!!

I ordered the wine gift box for sublimation and turned around and ordered 4 more. These sublimate so well. I made my friend one as a gift and she LOVES IT!