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The Blank Stockpile

The Blank Stockpile Sublimation Ink & Paper

The Blank Stockpile Sublimation Ink & Paper

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Get the ink and the paper combo

The Blank Stockpile sublimation paper has a white side and a pink side. The print side is the white side and the smooth side prevents blowout and bleed from the ink. NO BUTCHER PAPER REQUIRED! You must use sublimation ink! Our sublimation paper provides amazing results with many different color profiles. If needed, please contact your ink provider for profile.

  • Rear paper tray: Place white side face up
  • Front paper tray: Place white side face down

Sublimation ink designed to be used specifically in Epson Ecotank printers to include the following models:

ET-2800 ET-2803 ET-2850 ET-2700 ET-2720 ET-2760 ET-2750 ET-4700 ET-15000 SC-F170 SC-F570 ET-2710 ET-2700 ET-3700 ET-3710 ET-3750 ET-3760 ET-3830 ET-3850 ET-4700 ET-4750 ET-4760 ET-4800 ET-4820 ST-2000 ST-3000  ET-5800 ET-5850 ET-5880 ET-7750 ET-7700 ET-8500 ET-8550 ET-15000 ET- 16500 ET-16600 ET-16650

This Ink 4 pack includes the following:

  • 70 ml Cyan sublimation ink
  • 70 ml Yellow sublimation ink
  • 70 ml Magenta sublimation ink
  • 127 ml Black sublimation ink

The Blank Stockpile recommends that you use Blank Stockpile sublimation ink for all of your ink needs.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 8.5" x 11"- 100 sheets
  • 8.5" x 14" - 100 sheets
  • 11" x 17" - 100 sheets
  • 13" x 19" - 50 sheets

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