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The Blank Stockpile

Acrylic Keychain Blank

Acrylic Keychain Blank

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High quality transparent acrylic plate with rounded edges clear appearance; colored tassels and metal hardware included.

Easy to use: The tassel pendant is light and beautiful, with a small ring on the hat and a small hole on the acrylic plate, which can be easily hung on other objects. The key chain is large enough to hang your handicrafts, and you can use them easily.
Multi-purpose: You can draw, carve or paste your favorite stickers on the blank of the key chain tassel and acrylic ring to make it a meaningful gift, suitable for most DIY projects, such as key rings, key chains, earrings, necklaces , Bracelets, luggage decoration, curtain decoration and other DIY items.

Note: The ran color of the tassel cannot be selected

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